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Maryland Allstar Athletics is Carroll County's premier physical training center specializing in cheerleading and tumbling. Our objective is to provide athletes with the highest level of technical training to improve flexibility, strength, stamina, and balance. The physical development of our athletes is complimented with self-confidence, dedication, team work, and leadership. Our coaching staff attends regular seminars to stay in tune with the trends that elevate sports. At Maryland Allstar Athletics, we emphasize effort and improvement while promoting the concept of "personal best." We offer half year and full year competitive cheer teams, tumbling classes, open gyms, private lessons, special events, and more. We encourage you to visit our facility, meet our staff, and develop a better understanding of all that defines Maryland Allstar Athletics!

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Try-out information for the 2014-2015 cheer season can be found HERE. The annual Open House will be held Sunday, May 4 from 1-3pm. Join us for a free open gym with quality instruction! Cheerleaders will have the opportunity to meet our staff, tour the gym, and see what our program has to offer!


  • Angel Sharks
  • Pup Sharks
  • Tiger Sharks
  • Zebra Sharks
  • Leopard Sharks
  • Blue Sharks
  • Hammerhead Sharks
  • Great White Sharks

Check out Part 1 of our 2014 Training Video!!


Maryland Allstars had seven teams compete at the Athletic Championships on Sunday, March 23 at Showplace Arena. All of the teams showed tremendous improvement and every performance made us proud. We received excellent feedback from the judges that will allow for even better routines in the future.

  • Lemon Sharks (Mini Exhibition Level 1)- The Lemon Sharks had another great performance at this event. The judges really liked the building skills and commented that the opening stunt was "nice!" The coaches are going to continue polishing the routine to make it even better.
  • Spinner Sharks (Junior Level 1)- The Spinner Sharks were the first of our teams to perform and they did extremely well! The judges really liked the stunt creativity scoring them a 4.7/5. The Spinner Sharks received second place at this event and won a team plaque.
  • Mako Sharks (Junior Level 2)- The Mako Sharks had a performance that they should feel great about. The judges appreciated the amount of tumbling and how well it was performed. The team scored a .8/1 on on tumbling technique. The team earned first place winning a team plaque,  a banner, and individual medals.
  • Zebra Sharks (Youth Level 1)- The Zebra Sharks had their best performance to date. The team scored very high in difficulty section- all scores were either  5.8/6, 5.9/6, or 6/6. The Zebra Sharks received third place but we see them as champions due to how strong their routine was. We will continue to give the team our best so they can finish the season strong!
  • Tiger Sharks (Mini Exhibition Level 1)- The Tiger Sharks really showcased their talent at this competition. In addition to having very solid skills, the Tiger Sharks increased their difficulty score by adding in a new tumbler! The judges really liked how flexible the flyers were in the stunts. We can't wait to see Tiger Sharks perform again!
  • Hammerhead Sharks (Senior 2)- The Hammerhead Shark's routine was a real crowd-pleaser. The routine was action-packed and they hit their skills with ease. The judges particularly enjoyed the dance scoring them a 5.9/6. The judges said the team did a "nice job with the dance choreography." Hammerhead Sharks won first place receiving a team plaque, a banner, and individual medals. They also won "Grand Champion" and earned a separate banner for this achievement. McKenzie Miller was chosen to be part of Athletic Championships "A Team" for her positive attitude towards cheerleading.
  • Angel Sharks (Special Needs Exhibition)- The judges had all good things to say about the Angel Sharks! They were impressed with the stunt control, the cartwheels, and the jump timing. We are so excited to have this team compete next season. They're going to be ready!

We can't wait to have all 9 Maryland Allstars teams compete at Spirit Unlimited's Six Flags event on April 26. This will be the biggest showing our program has ever had. Over the next few weeks we will be preparing the teams for their final performances of the season. Sharks are taking over!!


Maryland Allstars traveled to Orlando, Florida March 15-16, 2014. We brought two of our nine teams to compete at the UCA International Championship in Disney World's "Wide World of Sports".

The competition was very intense for the Leopard Sharks and Great White Sharks. Each team competed amongst some of the top cheerleading programs in the world. This was the first time that the Maryland Allstars traveled out-of-state to attend a competition of this caliber.

  • Great White Sharks (Senior Level 3)- Great White Sharks had high scores in difficulty throughout the routine. The judges commented that the performance had "great energy and synchronization." The Great White Sharks came in first place out of eight teams. Each cheerleader received a medal and a UCA Champion jacket. The team also won an extra large trophy to display in their gym.
  • Leopard Sharks (Youth Level 2)- Leopard Sharks further reinforced the program's emergence. The Leopard Sharks scored high in technique throughout the performance. The judges thought the routine was "visual, clean, and sharp." The Leopard Sharks received 6th place out of 11 teams in a very close division. The team was also awarded a large trophy.

The trip was a huge success and most importantly, the cheerleaders had lots of fun! The teams returned to practice feeling re-energized and ready to finish the season strong!


All three half year cheer teams performed at the Bowie State Cheer Starz competition on February 8. This was their big debut after preparing routines for the past couple months. Each team did their best and won something special!

  • Lemon Sharks (Mini Level 1 Exhibition)- Lemon Sharks learned their routine so quickly. It was evident that a lot of the cheerleaders had previous cheer experience. The judges thought the girls had "great energy in the dance!" The sweet personalities of our Lemon Sharks enabled them to win the "Sportsmanship Award." The team now has a new trophy to display in the gym. We are so proud of our Lemon Sharks!
  • Spinner Sharks- (Junior Level 1) Spinner Sharks had a very solid performance. The team's high scores were in stunting. The judges gave Spinner Sharks a 5.6/5.6 for stunt difficulty and an 8/10 for technique. The judges loved how creative the second stunt sequence was. The team won a first place trophy and each cheerleader received a medal. Way to go Spinner Sharks!Mako Sharks- (Junior Level 2)
  • Mako Sharks impressed everyone with an action-packed routine. The team's highest score was the dance with an 8.1/10. The judges thought the elements were "very clean." The Mako Sharks received a first place trophy, individual medals, a trophy for "Best Tumbling", and a banner for "Highest Score In Level 2." Great job Mako Sharks!!

We knew this season was going to be great and the first competition confirmed it. We are excited to improve our routines for the next competition on March 23.
A huge "Thank You" to everyone that stands behind our teams!! Keep those fins up!!


All Maryland Allstars full year teams performed at the NCA Classic event this past Sunday. The teams all had a great showing and the program brought back even more titles!

  • Angel Sharks (Special Athletes Exhibition)- Angel Sharks had another great performance. We were so excited to see another Special Athletes team at this event. The judges were very impressed with all the cart-wheels and loved that we utilized every athlete. Our goal is to start limiting the helpers participation. We are very excited to watch this team continue to develop!
  • Tiger Sharks (Mini Level 1 Exhibition)- Tiger Sharks know how to work a routine! The judges commented on how great the showmanship was. We've got some really great jumpers on that team too! We are going to start incorporating more difficulty. Way to go Tigers!
  • Zebra Sharks (Youth Level 1)- Zebra Sharks were in the spotlight at this event! They gave their best effort and the judges noticed. The team scored a 4.7/5 on running tumbling. The judges really liked all of the combo passes. Zebra Sharks won first place, Grand Champion, and also a specialty awards for "best use of jumps." They have three new banners and a first place plaque.
  • Leopard Sharks (Youth Level 2)- Leopard Sharks had a performance they can be proud of! The team scored a 5.7/6 on building skills creativity. The judges commented on how great the flyers flexibility was. The team won a new banner and a first place plaque. We are very excited that they are undefeated going into UCA Nationals!
  • Hammerhead Sharks (Senior Level 2)- Hammerhead Sharks added a lot more difficulty for this competition. They performed a total of 3 new stunts. We were very excited to see that they had the highest tumbling technique score in their division- .50/1. Hammerhead Sharks came in 3rd place and received a plaque.
  • Great White Sharks (Senior Level 3)- Great White Sharks high score was in building skills creativity- the team scored a 6.7/7. The judges likes the use of level appropriate skills. We are proud of their performance and loved how the team supported each other at the event. Great Whites received third place and received a plaque.

It's been a crazy yet fun start to the season with so many competitions back to back. We have a short break so we can take the judges feedback and improve the routines. The next time you see Maryland Allstars full year teams compete the teams will be much stronger than before. Ready, set, go!

The next competition is March 8th for the debut of our half-year teams! We are so excited and can't wait for the Lemon, Spinner, and Mako sharks to show off all their hard work and dedication so far this season!


Maryland Allstars took 2 teams to Coastal's Battle at the Capitol Nationals February 7-9. It was a tough weekend for our athletes as they had a rehearsal on Friday and had to compete both Saturday and Sunday- all in front of judges! Their effort, energy, and enthusiasm paid off and both teams are now BATC National Champions!

  • Leopard Sharks (Youth Level 2)- Leopard Sharks have officially worked their way to the top of the ranking. The judges praised them on running tumbling. The team received a 5.8/6 for difficulty and an 8.8/10 on technique. The judges said the opening tumbling was "beautiful." Leopard Sharks came in first place winning a trophy, National Champion jackets, and a banner for the gym.
  • Great White Sharks (Senior Level 3)- Great White Sharks got excellent compliments from the judges on standing tumbling. The team scored a 7/7 for difficulty and a 9.5/10 on technique. The judges commented that it was "so clean." Great White Sharks came in first place winning a trophy, National Champion jackets, and a banner for the gym. This was the second year in a row that this team has won Battle at the Capitol.

Thank you to all of the Maryland Allstars supporters this weekend. We couldn't have done it without our fans!


It was another great weekend to be a Maryland Allstar! We were so excited to see such amazing routines from all of our teams and so much improvement from our last competition.

Maryland States uses a completely different scoring system and our teams had just one week to make adjustments to their routines. We are so proud how our program did as a whole.

  • Tiger Sharks (Mini Exhibition)- We were so excited to see all of the stunts hit yesterday! The girls were really focused at warm-ups so we knew it was going to be a great performance. The cheerleaders love being in front of the crowd and are looking adorable doing so!
  • Angel Sharks (Special Needs)- The team met another Special Needs team in warm-ups which was awesome! The kids were all making friends before going out to perform. We can tell that they are really enjoying what they do.
  • Zebra Sharks (Youth Level 1)- Zebra Sharks overcame a big obstacle this week. One of their cheerleaders was unable to compete due to an injury. Allie Gorsuch on Leopard Sharks saved the day and learned the entire routine in just one practice. Despite the circumstances, Zebra Sharks had a solid performance and received second place. The judges thought the team had good technique in their team tumbling pass. The team scored a 5/5 for running tumbling difficulty and a 7.9/10 on running tumbling execution.
  • Leopard Sharks (Youth Level 2)- The judges really liked Leopards basket tosses stating "good height and form." The team scored a 7/7 for difficulty and an 8.9/10 on execution. Leopard Sharks came in first place winning a trophy, State Champion jackets, and a banner for the gym. The team was only .37 away from winning Grand Champion!
  • Hammerhead Sharks (Senior Level 2)- Hammerhead Sharks routine was as flawless! The stunts and pyramid hit with ease. The judges liked the partner stunts and scored the team a 6.4/6.6 for stunt difficulty and an 8.6/10 for stunt execution. Hammerhead Sharks came in first place winning a trophy, State Champion jackets, and a banner for the gym.
  • Great White Sharks (Senior Level 3)- Great White Sharks had to rework their routine in one practice do to an injury. Natalie Lansinger was able to do most of her skills with one arm and Suzanna Martin stepped it up and did any parts Natalie couldn't. Even with all the changes that were made, Great White Sharks had zero deductions. The judges liked the pyramid and the team scored an 8/8 for pyramid difficulty and 8.5/10 for pyramid execution. The team came in first place and won a trophy, State Champion jackets, and a banner for the gym. Great White Sharks were also the highest scoring level 3 team winning the title of "Grand Champion" and an extra large trophy!

Maryland Allstars left a great impression at the competition and it's evident that we are one of the top programs in the State. Thanks to all of you for always representing us in such a positive way!


Maryland Allstars brought four competitive teams and two exhibition teams to The Aloha Championships this past weekend. Of the four competitive teams, we brought back three National Champion titles. Our second place team was only .04 away from first. All of the teams came out stronger than ever before!

In addition to our teams experiencing great success, our program was class act when it came to sportsmanship and genuine spirit. Thank you athletes, coaches, and parents for a job well done! We hope everyone had fun and feels proud to represent Maryland Allstars! Below are a few highlights from each team-

  • Tiger Sharks- (Mini Exhibition) Excellent performance! The cheerleaders have really improved their knowledge of the routine and are getting it down. Not sure if anyone saw the adorable picture of the girls in the pyramid but their technique was great. We hope everyone is enjoying their new medals.
  • Angel Sharks- (Special Athletes Exhibition) Amazing! The team looked like they were having the time of their lives on stage. The dance had so much energy and enthusiasm. Following the performance, Angel Sharks received a standing ovation and brought the judges to their feet. We loved seeing the tears of joy in the parent's eyes as the team received their awards.
  • Zebra Sharks- (Youth Level 1) We are very pleased with the difficulty scores of the routine (for example, 16/16 on the pyramid!) The judges liked how the team hit every required element. We will continue to work on technique and consistency over the course of the season. On day two this team had the highest score in their division. Zebra Sharks placed second and were only .04 away from first! If you are a competitor, you love intense competition and this division was just that!
  • Leopard Sharks- (Youth Level 2) Wow! For a first year level two team these girls showed they have what it takes to win. The judges loved the jumps- they scored a 32/32 for difficulty. They also received comments about how great their timing was. They finished in first place in a division of eight teams, ahead by 20.38 points. They also were awarded Grand Champion (highest score) of all the level 2 teams, in the lead by 9.62 points. Leopard Sharks won $1,000 to spend as a team and a paid bid to the US Finals.
  • Hammerhead Sharks- (Senior Level 2) This team came out with a bang! The team won first place with a 31.28 point lead. The judges noted that the team has a good foundation and solid skills. Not bad for a brand new squad! The Hammerhead Sharks have come a long way and we know they will continue to improve drastically. They have been such a wonderful new addition to the program!
  • Great White Sharks- (Senior Level 3) A surprise win! After being in second place on day 1, with a 9.02 point stretch to first, Great Whites thought their performance errors got the best of them. Despite thinking there was no chance for a comeback, Great Whites gave their day 2 performance everything they had. It came as a complete shock to everyone (including us!!) when the team won by .01. The judges commented on how great the basket and toss technique is on the team. That awards ceremony will always be a memorable one!

We are so proud of our teams! Every athlete has worked hard and we're glad they get to experience success!


Check out our CAMPS section for additional traning opportunites! All camps are open to the public. Pre-registration is required.


The winter (3) class session will start the week of  February 16. On-line registration is available in the CLASSES section of the website. Free trial classes are available for new members. Experience what a class at Maryland Allstars can do!


Maryland Allstars is incorporating a cheerleading team for athletes with disabilities. Please spread the word about this new team! For more information, email or call (410)552-5499. A huge "Thank You" to Glory Days Grill and CT Contracting, INC. for being a proud sponsor!


Maryland Allstar Athletics will be hosting "Kid's Night Out" on the first and third Saturday of every month. Kids will enjoy structured activities, games, and free play in our gym. We have a moon bounce, trampoline, tumble track, climbing rope, and resi-pit! We will provide pizza, snacks, and beverages. The best's only $15/child, $10/siblings!!

View Monthly Events Calendar - Select a date to register! *On-line registration is required for Kid's Night Out.